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Good News [Jul. 19th, 2005|04:54 pm]
[mood |hopefulhopeful]

well, im doing alright today...it is my first day off in two weeks...my total hours of work were no like 90 hours for the past two weeks...i realize that doesnt sound like much to you guys...but...uh i average 60-70..heh..i added like a whole extra work week into my schedule. Saving a lot of money though. my weight dropped from 196 to 184 since i left the man. Speaking of which, like clockwork, he text messaged me asking for my forgiveness. I said no. I wrote him a long ass email...bottomline is..if any of my friends treated me that way i'd tell them to GET LOST. anyways, moving on. SO out of boredom, i've been going on this match.com thing...i went had some iced tea at Starbucks with someone i met off there...nice guy, he didn't realy look me int he eyes though when he talked to me, dont know what that was about??? Kind of refreshing though, he didn't talk about sex at all...WOW. that is the biggest thing for me. I have found out how annoyed i get when a guy is just trying to do nothing but get in your pants. It is kind of gross, plus i still don't feel comfortable with sex yet...it might take a while. Anyways, not sure if he liked me or not...don't really care too much either way though. I feel like I am finally growing up a little.

On a funnier note..some guy wants to be my sugar daddy ::chuckles::

On a good note...some super rich woman my mom's b/f knows wants to get rid of her furniture..i might get my whole new apartment furnished...for free.

Oh and i got a new phone, the Motorolla Razor..mmm...so pretty.